Thank you for your interest in becoming a Credentialed Provider with Valleygate Dental Surgery Centers, or our affiliate center, Carolinas Center for Ambulatory Dentistry.  You may complete the full application by using on eApply link. See instructions below.  With each application the attached documents shall be signed and uploaded into the providers profile.


Click “register” to begin the application process.


  • Upon completion of the application, our Credentialing Specialist will be in contact with you for any missing documents. Follow the checklist (linked below) to ensure the necessary documents are uploaded.
  • The Application will then be reviewed by the Credentialing Committee for recommendations of privileges.
  • Upon recommendation from the Credentialing Committee,  the application will be presented to the governing board for approval to send to Credential America for full credentialing.  The governing board will issue temporary privileges.

Below is a list of documents needing to be uploaded to your profile for credentialing process. Credentialing will not be deemed complete unless all documents are uploaded.

Credentialing Letter and Checklist

Email Policy Acknowledgment

Full Application – Dental Assistant

Internet Policy Acknowledgment

Oral Surgeons

Pediatric Dentist

Peer Reference


VDSC Confidentiality and Information Access Agreement


For any questions, please contact our office or email: [email protected]