Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear from parents as we are scheduling their child’s dental surgery. 

1.       Why does my child need general anesthesia just to have dental work completed?

          General anesthesia is recommended so that your child’s dental treatment can be completed in a safe and comfortable manner when they are unable to be treated in a conventional dental office setting. 

2.       Will my insurance cover treatment at the facility?

          Our highly-capable insurance department will obtain a pre-determination from your medical insurance. This will confirm whether the treatment will be covered or not. 

3.       What are the advantages of having dental treatment under general anesthesia?

          Multiple procedures can be completed while a patient is under general anesthesia, eliminating the need for multiple visits.  Also, your child will sleep through the entire procedure.  This will greatly reduce any stress or anxiety that your child may normally experience in a different setting. 

4.       How long will my child’s dental treatment take?

          The total length of the treatment varies with each child.  It depends on the amount of dental treatment that is needed as well as the amount of time your child needs to recover before being released.

5.       Why can’t my child eat or drink before the surgery?

          The safest way for your child to receive general anesthesia is on an empty stomach.  This is very important and eating or drinking during the restricted time will result in the cancellation of the surgery.  Because of              this, we recommend that you allow your child to sleep as late as possible prior to the appointment. 

6.       Can I see my child before the surgery?

          You will be able to stay with your child right up until the time that they are taken to the surgery room. 

7.       When will I be able to see my child after the surgery has been completed?

          You will be notified by a nurse when you can rejoin your child after he/she has been brought to the recovery room.  The length of time away will vary according to the length of treatment and how quickly they recover from the anesthesia.  

8.       How many nights will my child have to stay at the facility?

          The surgery will be completed as an out-patient procedure.  This means that your child will get to go home with you the same day!

9.       After surgery, does my child need to see a dentist again?

          Yes.  Your child will need to see their dentist for a follow-up appointment at the dental office.  This will allow the dentist to ensure that they are recovering properly.