Stainless Steel Crowns

A stainless steel crown is an extremely durable silver metal crown that has pre-formed anatomy and can be adapted to the tooth at the edges. Although they do not possess as good esthetics as we would like, stainless steel crowns have both research- and time-proven records of durability, longevity, and biocompatibility. They do not hinder the loss of primary teeth and do not affect the developing permanent teeth.

Stainless steel crowns are the only dental restoration which was developed specifically for use in primary teeth which are different to permanent teeth in structure and shape. In cases, when a cavity is large and involves multiple surfaces of a tooth, a stainless steel crown may be a better treatment option than a multi-surface filling. Teeth that have undergone pulpotomy treatment may become weaker and prone to fracture so they must be covered with crowns. Occasionally, children may have teeth with developmental or genetic defects that render teeth weak and prone to damage. In all those instances, a stainless steel crown will protect the tooth from further destruction and strengthen the remaining tooth structure. 

Currently, there is no other material for pediatric molar crowns that would compare in all those characteristics to stainless steel.