Preoperative Instructions for Pediatric Dental Surgery

Thank you for choosing us to address your child’s dental needs.  It is important that you read and understand the information below.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our helpful staff.  We are here to ensure your child’s dental needs are met in a pleasant and safe environment.

  1. If your child has been sick with a fever, nasal congestion, coughing, or sneezing within seven (7) days of scheduled procedure or there are any other changes to their health, please notify the dental office as soon as possible at the phone number listed below. Your child’s surgery will most likely need to be rescheduled if this occurs because serious breathing problems can develop which may require admission to the hospital after surgery.

  2. You and your child will be at the center for approximately five to six hours. That is the average time for this process, from walking in the door until leaving the center.  A parent or guardian must be present in the center for the entire time the child is being treated.  If an emergency were to happen, we must be able to speak with you face to face immediately.

  3. Your child may arrive dressed in pajamas, if preferred. You may also bring a small toy and small personal blanket to make them more comfortable.  Also, bring what you will need for the day (phone charger, medication, snack, etc.).

  4. It is very important that your child have nothing to eat or drink for at least eight (8) hours prior to arrival to the center. If there is anything in the stomach when anesthesia is given, it can be very dangerous for your child.  Don’t even brush their teeth the morning of surgery.  A good cleaning is included in the treatment.

  5. Your child will receive a liquid medication by mouth to help relax and ease anxiety. The medication will make your child unsteady so we need you to put them into a hospital gown, on the bed, with the rails up.  This is to keep your child safe from injury.

  6. You will remain with your child until it’s time to go to the operating room. At that time, you will be shown to the waiting room until surgery is completed.

  7. In the operating room, the anesthesiologist will use gas to put them to sleep. Once asleep, an IV will be started and a breathing tube will be inserted through the nose into the lungs (to make sure your child is getting enough oxygen during anesthesia).  The IV will stay in until your child is discharged.  The breathing tube is removed before your child wakes up so there is no memory of the tube.

  8. Once surgery is over, the dentist will come to the waiting room to speak with you about the procedure and discharge instructions. If you have questions, please ask the dentist during this time. 

  9. When your child is in the postop area, a staff member will bring you to sit with him/her until it is time to go home. If your child is still asleep, please do not wake them.

  10. When awake, your child will be offered a popsicle or Gatorade to ensure they can eat or drink without vomiting. Once this occurs, the nurse will remove the IV so you may dress them for home.

  11. If possible, have an additional responsible person available at discharge to tend to child’s needs while driver concentrates on safely operating vehicle.

  12. Please make sure you bring your child’s car safety seat with you on surgery day. This is required by state law to ensure your child’s safety.